Ryan Griffith – Playwright, actor

“Jason K. Roy is an exceptional actor and a consummate professional.  He takes his craft very seriously, bringing a unique energy and dedicated focus to his roles.  A generous artist, Jason is a strong community builder, making himself open to out-of-the-box ideas and taking the time to show new actors the ropes.  There is a rare empathy in his artistry.  Simply put, he captivates his audience.”  - Dec 2017

Danny Thebeau – writer, director, actor

“I keep Jason on top of my list when casting for film. The life he breathes into his characters never fails to impress. If you're a good director with a clear vision, he's the guy to deliver that performance beyond expectations. Always professional, accommodating, and committed to his role. He will remain on my list and cannot wait to work with him again. ”  - Nov 2017

Derek FILIATRAULT – Director

“So far, I have been lucky enough to work with Jason on two different occasions.  I can see that Jason is a natural talent. He is not only someone who you want to work with, but someone you want to watch. A true pro. I look forward to working with him again, in the future.”  - Sept 2017

Jon Dewar (Frictive Pictures) – Writer, Director, Producer

 "Jason K. Roy is completely unfazed by the natural stress and pressure of filmmaking. If something unexpected arises you can always count on him to keep a level head, rationally problem solve, and remain focused. Jason’s contagious desire to give his absolute best elevates the skills of everyone working around him. I loved watching him absorb and internalize direction and I considered our conversations on the character to be invaluable. Jason is exactly the kind of actor I want to work with."  - July 2016


"I recently worked with Jason Roy on my upcoming short film 'Why Good People Do Bad Things'. Jason was a pleasure to work with and very pleasant on set. His professionalism was apparent from day one where he generously rehearsed with the other actors and had helpful suggestions during preproduction preparation. He really dives into his characters by exploring back story and motivations that enhance his performances. He is a character actor that channels his performances through craft and hopefully we will have a chance to work with him again." - April 2017

Daphne Curtis (Atlantic Mediaworks) - Producer, Director

"I was in search of a bilingual actor to play the role of an emotionally abusive husband for a video for NB Department of Safety.  I sent Jason the script and chatted briefly with him on the phone about the part. When I received his audition, I knew immediately that my search was over.

The role Jason played demanded preciseness, which seemed to come easy to him. His performance of an emotionally abusive husband was piercing, if not chilling.  Jason delivered exactly what was needed.  It was a real pleasure to work with a professional such as Jason and I look forward to working with him again."  - June 2016

Stephen McKinnon (Canada (East) Films Inc) - Writer, Director

“While filming BROKEN WINDOW, I had the pleasure of working with lead actor Jason K Roy.  His professionalism and connection to his character made this short film much easier to produce and direct than I had anticipated."

Nathan Nicholls (Cinema Light Pictures) – Writer, Director

"While working with Jason for the first time I noticed he puts a lot of thought into his preparation. He does his homework, asks questions and really immerses himself into the character. I love that. Furthermore, Jason has charismatic energy that tends to transcend to everyone on set, making it a much more enjoyable experience."  - June 2016

Dan Thebeau (Red Leaf Productions) - Actor, Writer, Director

"I first met Jason when filming a promotional piece for him for his music.  I immediately recognized his talent and I was convinced that he’d be a natural as an actor.  When Do-Gooders came along, I thought it was a good opportunity to test his ability.  The rest is history.  Jason has proven himself repeatedly as a dedicated actor who works hard in preparing for his roles and he always delivers the goods.

The professionalism he brings to his work makes him an absolute pleasure to work with." - June 2011

Leah Warren - Actor

"I think Jason takes his acting roles very seriously. He gets into the zone and is always ready for "Action".
It was believable and a little scary seeing Jason beat up the beloved Josh Linton on camera in Snowflake. Yet between takes, they were eating rice krispy squares in the car together, laughing. That's gotta say something! It was a pleasure hemming Jason's pants on Snowflake. He is such an easy going and fun guy to be around, which is important on a film shoot."  -  June 2011

Mike Coleman - Owner, Ego Studios

"I had the pleasure of working with Jason Roy when he modelled for the launch images that were developed for Ego Studio.  He was kind, professional and a pleasure to work with.  I would recommend him highly." - Oct 2015

Patricia Leger - Director, Actor

"It is a pleasure to work with Jason.  He has a great deadpan delivery for comedy on and off the stage."  -  June 2011

Joshua Linton - Actor

"Working with Jason on films has been a pleasure. He brings an intensity towards a performance that is genuine and convincing. You see the character he is portraying and not Jason. He has no fear when choosing his roles and makes bold decisions when developing his characters. Working with someone with these qualities is always a pleasure which in turn makes you want to perform with the same energy and enthusiasm.  A side from his acting Jason has an excellent dry humour that I find very vivacious and appealing. When not focusing on a scene or when there is an appropriate moment for humour on set, Jason is a welcoming interruption. I hope that are paths continue to cross, as we both follow our passion in the arts." - June 2011

Jared Carney (Creeker Films) - Writer, Director

"When your only tool is a hammer all of your problems look like nails.  I was having a hard time casting my lead for 'The Man Who Loved Flowers' until I met Jason K. Roy. I saw in him an indefinable quality, a certain energy. He really helped me develop the character, something I had never come across in an actor. We brought out a certain darkness in each other." - July 2016

Tim O’Neill - Writer, Director, Crew

"For me filmmaking has always been about collaboration.  I have been blessed with many great collaborators over the years; they have challenged my ideas, experimented with me, and helped me grow as an Artist.  It is in this way that I came to know Jason.  His work on, Victor, in "Snowflake" was a true collaboration:  he questioned me, challenged me, and slowly, we created a character together.  He became Victor, and I can no longer imagine it any other way.  I cherish the fact that long after the cuts and bruises of this production have disappeared, or scarred over, our collaboration will remain."  -  June 2011

Gia Milani (Shore Road Pictures Inc.) - Writer, Director

"I love working with actors, and Jason is one of the reasons why. He brought his contagious smile along with his wonderful abilities to our project. In A Dark Radius Jason was able to morph into Mark, a social activist, with ease. He blew life into my character and really impressed us with his talent. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat." -  June 2011

Kaitlyn Adair - Actor

"Jason is truly a joy to work with on set. His determination and eagerness to grow as an actor continues to amaze me. His natural ability shines on camera and pushes me to believe he is one of New Brunswick's rising talents." - June 2011

Donovan Richard (Red Leaf Productions) - Director, Writer

"I've known Jason for quite some time now, even before we both dabbled in filmmaking.  I knew Jason would be a good performer as he always had a nice presence on stage for his music. On screen he would bring out subtle performances that required no dialogue but would say a lot with a look or a gesture.  Jason always studies and observes constantly his roles and his surroundings and he continuously wants to learn from his fellow thespians and filmmakers which helps him to grow even more as an actor.  It's always a pleasure and looking forward to many more projects with Jason."  -  June 2011

Tim Davidson (Hemmings House Pictures) - Director, Writer

"Jason was part of a corporate shoot needing character actors.  Jason was a pleasure to work with.  He was on time, engaged, took direction well and worked easily with other cast.  It was an effortless production and I'd be happy to work together again."  - July 2016

Jeremy Robinson -  Writer, Director, Producer, DOP

"I have had the opportunity to work with Jason a number of times over the last couple of years and have found each experience to be rewarding and interesting.  I first met Jason on the set of "Délivrance" (part 1) where I was doing camera work and he had a minor acting role.  His performance was spot on, filled with intensity and subtlety.  A few months later I was looking for actors for my next project "Cold" (an experiment in improved acting and camera work) and Jason was at the top of my list.  His character is a Meth addicted abusive mechanic.  Jason was not able to make it to the rehearsals but we had a number of conversations over Skype as well as e-mail exchanges.  His intensity in the research and history of this character was wonderful.  He brought more to the table than I could have ever asked for and it really shows in his performance.  Jason only had a few scenes to shoot and he got them in one or two takes every time.  I am looking forward to working with him again once I put "Cold" to bed."  -  June 2011

Tim O’Neill - Writer, Director, Crew

"Meet my cast: This is Jason K. Roy. He plays Victor in 'Snowflake.' A man of many talents (he is a musician, poet, stage and film actor, among other things). I first worked with him on Jeremy Robinson's 'Cold.' (I was the gaffer on that project). Seeing the intensity he brought to Jeremy's character in 'Cold,' I knew he was the right actor to play Victor. I needed someone who could give me a lot with very little...there was no question, in my mind, that Jason was the actor to do this. We had a great collaboration throughout preproduction and the production itself: Victor became a much stronger character because of this. The details, and nuances, that Jason brought to Victor definitely helped to flush out the Victor and Cameron (Josh Linton) brother relationship in the film and make 'Snowflake' a much stronger film. There were a lot of highlights for me on 'Snowflake,' but my collaboration with Jason and Josh remains one of the greatest experiences I have ever had with an actor."  -  September 2011

Britany Leanne Sparrow (Sparrowhock Productions) - Writer, Director, Crew

"Jason is an actor who takes his art very seriously, and yet you can see how much fun he has performing every time he gets in front of the camera. Jason is a pleasure to work with and his passion for art and for life is contagious. His creativity, his sense of timing, and his infectious smile make any film set he's a part of a fun, creative place to work."  - June 2011